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Packaging for wine and spirits
Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics
Packaging for jewels, watches, boxes made of a natural leather with the musical module
Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes
Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies
Packaging for foodstuffs, animals feed
Packaging for hristmas presents
Packaging for crockery, glasses, souvenirs, office supplies, corporative presents, archival boxes
Packaging of a complex form
Combined boxes
Packaging of a special assembly

Packaging for wine and spirits

Box for a gift set with a double bottom

Box for vodka " Faberges Egg "

Box for vodka "Legend of the Kremlin"

Fancy box

Folio for "Tsimljanskoe champagne" and two glasses

Description of packing:
Packing folio for champagne and two crystal glasses is made of cardboard pasted over with covering material (flock). Gold blocking was made on the external and internal part of packing.  A special construction of the cradle was designed for the individual form of glasses and the bottle with champagne. The cradle is made of cardboard and draped with velvet. Special golden locks do not allow a lid to open while being carried and serve as a marvelous decoration of the folio.

Folio for "Tsimljanskoe champagne" and two glasses

Gift set Agaylar

Leather handbag

Packaging for a Christmas tree

Packaging for cognac in the form of a casket

Packaging for cognac Komandirsky

Packaging for cognac AST Jubilare

Packaging for cognac Hennessy

Packaging for cognac Nemiroff Lex

Packaging for liqueur Rzhitsa

Packaging for mace

Packaging for vodka "Folio Legend of the Kremlin

Packaging for vodka Az

Packaging for vodka Crystal

Packaging for vodka Imperial Collection

Packaging for vodka Kauffman 0.7

Packaging for vodka Kauffman 1.0

Packaging for vodka Pushkin

Packaging for vodka Soyuz Viktan

Packaging for vodka Stolichnaya

Packaging for vodka Stradivary

Packaging for vodka Tsarskoye selo

Packaging for vodka Yarilo

Packaging of the complex form Shustov

Packaging Bell tower

Packaging Sabre

Tube for cognac Old City

Tube for vodka "Imperial Collection"

Tube for vodka-decanter

Tube Alym

Tube Dollars

Tube Riga Balm


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