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Packaging for wine and spirits
Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics
Packaging for jewels, watches, boxes made of a natural leather with the musical module
Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes
Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies
Packaging for foodstuffs, animals feed
Packaging for hristmas presents
Packaging for crockery, glasses, souvenirs, office supplies, corporative presents, archival boxes
Packaging of a complex form
Combined boxes
Packaging of a special assembly

Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes

Bags: Legend of Kremlin, Bag from Michael Shufutinsky

Description of packing:
Paper bags of different sizes, made of design or previously sealed paper with the use of lamination, ultraviolet varnishing, stamping, relief stamping. Paper bags are trimmed with cringles and completed with handle-laces of different colours.

Bags: Legend of Kremlin, Bag from Michael Shufutinsky

Packaging for a hat

Packaging for a hat Fox Trott

Packaging for a tie

Packaging for a wedding dress

Packaging for bed-clothes Bon Sonno

Packaging for bed-clothes Lisse

Packaging for gloves

Packaging for shirts Slava Zaitsev

Packaging for undershirts Mondigo

Packaging of the round form

Packaging My shop

Packaging Hot couture

Packaging Talli

Set for bed-clothes Mona Lisa

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