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Packaging for wine and spirits
Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics
Packaging for jewels, watches, boxes made of a natural leather with the musical module
Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes
Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies
Packaging for foodstuffs, animals feed
Packaging for hristmas presents
Packaging for crockery, glasses, souvenirs, office supplies, corporative presents, archival boxes
Packaging of a complex form
Combined boxes
Packaging of a special assembly

Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies

Box for candy Candy-yard

Box for sweets +

Box Fruit-candy-land

Packaging "Raffaello". Ferrero.

Packaging for cake Palych

Packaging for chocolate truffles

Packaging for sweet set

Packaging for sweets with a transparent window

Packaging for sweets Barsettos

Packaging for sweets French Kiss

Packaging for sweets Sun

Packaging Heart

Packaging Rotunda

Packaging Balalaika of Palekh

Packaging Bouquet

Packaging Dymka turkey cock

Packaging Kiwi, Lemon

Packaging Matreshka

Packaging Moon

Packaging MTS

Three-volume edition Collection of the Kremlin

Description of packing:
Packing is produced as the stylized block consisting of a pull-through box and three packings stylized in the form of the book. The cover of the book and the coating of the block are made of a high-quality material with the subsequent unique processing - drawing of hot foil stamping on surface preliminary sealed by the method of screen printing, with overlapping extremely fine elements. The right side of the books inside box is pasted over by paper with a press imitating book cut. Safety of a product is provided by connection of the book block by two satin ribbons with the elements of hot foil stamping put on them. The design of the packing complete set is executed in classical traditions of Russian decoration art and attracts attention of the buyer to shelves of trading halls with the deliberate refinement, promoting successful sales of a product.

Packaging Star

Packaging Tenderness

Set for sweets

Three-volume edition Collection of the Kremlin

Trapeziform packaging for cake

Tube "Sweet moments". Russia "Nestle".

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