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Packaging for wine and spirits
Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics
Packaging for jewels, watches, boxes made of a natural leather with the musical module
Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes
Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies
Packaging for foodstuffs, animals feed
Packaging for hristmas presents
Packaging for crockery, glasses, souvenirs, office supplies, corporative presents, archival boxes
Packaging of a complex form
Combined boxes
Packaging of a special assembly

Packaging for hristmas presents

Packaging Alarm Clock

Packaging Casket

Packaging Christmas Drum

Packaging Clown

Packaging Cossack

Packaging Doggy

Packaging Fir-trees (cover-bottom)

Packaging Jugglers hat

Packaging Lace-boot

Packaging Merry-go-round

Packaging Moon

Packaging New Year

Packaging Nutcracker

Packaging Old witch

Packaging Owlet

Packaging Santa Claus by the sled reindeers

Tube Cinderella

Description of packing:
Tube made on a new technology pasting together in a seam. Diameter 120 mm, height 270 mm. A cover and a bottom are made of curling cardboard with inset. The tube is completed by a cord. Ultraviolet laquering possible.

Packaging Santa Claus

Packaging Snowman

Packaging Steam-engine

Tube Cinderella

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