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Packaging for wine and spirits
Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics
Packaging for jewels, watches, boxes made of a natural leather with the musical module
Packaging for clothes and bed-clothes
Packaging for chocolate, sweets, pies
Packaging for foodstuffs, animals feed
Packaging for hristmas presents
Packaging for crockery, glasses, souvenirs, office supplies, corporative presents, archival boxes
Packaging of a complex form
Combined boxes
Packaging of a special assembly

Advantages of the combined boxes

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  1. Packaging “Raffaello”
  2. An oval tube for oat flakes Bystrov
  3. An oval tube for Sweet moments

Group of companies MAURY - is the first enterprise in Russia mastered the "know-how" of cardboard tubes and combined boxes with prosticky on a side seam. The researches have shown the big prospects of such kind of packaging for the goods and advantages of the cardboard and combined boxes:

  • profitability and the low cost price, in comparison with tin boxes (in 2-4 times)
  • reliability and quality of product preservation, high efficiency (about 1 million complete sets a month)
  • fast preparation of rigging for any sizes and forms (triangular, round, oval, many-sided, with the rounded corners and so forth)
  • possibility of drawing of a protective membrane (with a label and the colour press) on an end face of a box
  • use of cardboard, tin, plastic covers


  Innovations of technology and work in close cooperation with clients allow to make a reality of your dreams in short terms.

Our principle is to create individual models of packaging for the maximum profitability of your expenses and efficiency of sales of your products that will help YOU, not the intermediary, to receive additional profit.

The new technology allows to prepare in short terms rigging for boxes’ manufacture of any size and form in section - round, triangular, with the rounded corners, many-sided.



A. Individuality of forms for the maximum capacity of goods

B. A cardboard base, cutting down expenses, various additions: covers made of various materials, loose leaves, lodgements and so forth

C. Extra for colourful design – cutting through windows of any configuration under a film

D. A tense membrane with a label and the colour press


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